Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Working on...Zombies!

I finally got a camera back, so I decided to take some pictures of the models I'm currently working on.

I've been painting up a unit of 20 zombies. Yay for block painting...bleh. I think they will turn out pretty nice though. I'm going for a more gray and decrepit look instead of fleshy. So far all I have is the base coat of gray on them, along with the green on their tattered clothes. I plan to do a drybrush of a flesh color over the gray, with a final very diluted black wash. The clothes will turn out very much like the dead corpses on my corpse cart model. After that it's just down to highlighting and the fancy stuff. I'll probably have to do a variation on my usual basing though, as they will blend in too much with the grey gravel I've been using.

So when my eyes and brain can't take it anymore I've also starting working on my horseless vampire. He's going to be a beast in my army. With the Talisman he will be able to charge 18" on foot, have a good save, and will also be my BSB. He is also arguably the best looking model that's going to be in my army, though I really like the look of my vamp lord so it's debatable. Just got him glued together and primed tonight so when I can't take block painting I'll move over to him.


  1. I think block painting rules. Do you have anything on in the background? Audiobooks man. It rules. Before audiobooks, it was just Van Halen's greatest hits for me. The end result of me painting Richter's stuff was him getting a decent army and me being smarter. I probably nailed 4 or 5 books in that time. I joined an online club but you can get a limited number of them on public library websites. I guess if you are a bittorrent guy, you can get about anything there too. Nietzel listens to podcasts as he paints. For me it has transformed the task of painting from tedious to enjoyable - a huge difference.

  2. I do have some audio background. It's mostly podcasts (PC gamer, Podhammer, Worlds End Radio...Nature-Genetics), and I do find it very helpful to paint with those going. Don't get me wrong, I don't really think it's that tedious as I do really enjoy the relaxation of the painting hobby. I just prefer to paint a single model as compared to the repetitiveness of block painting.

    I also found for me that having two projects going on at once helps. I'll usually start on a big block unit, and when I can't stand painting gray or bone over and over again, I'll switch to a beefy character for a little while. It helps me keep painting and takes the monotony out.