Friday, May 29, 2009


Right, just an introduction to begin with. I suppose I should explain how I got started on the hobby of spending large amounts of money on plastic and metal miniatures in order to play an over-complicated chess game.

I guess I would call myself a PC-gamer. I really began back in 2002 (wow...) when Warcraft III came out. I probably played too much for my own good, but I got pretty good at the game. I managed to get on a decent amateur league team in 2003, and did some tournaments and such (we even won one). Anyway, that led me to really like Blizzard games, and so I started playing World of Warcraft after WC3 cooled down. I met some guys who eventually invited me to The Hillbilly in 2008 (really sweet WHFB tournament in Memphis, TN; this year the name was changed to Battle on Beale - I really liked the idea of the game, and was amazed at how balanced it was considering all of the rulings and army variations. On the way back from the tourney, the ND Wargaming Crew convinced me to start an army for next year, which in turn created the beginning of this blog.

I started purchasing minis for my Vampire Counts army in late Fall 2008. The motivation to paint them, however, did not begin then. My wife and I had just moved to NC that summer, so we were still getting settled in, and I was trying to find a job. I also was still playing a little WoW, so that hampered things. I finally started painting in early 2009 and have kept at it pretty regularly since.

So that's the intro to me and the beginnings of my wargaming. I have quite a few models that I've purchased now, and most of them are painted, but I am still a ways off from having everything completed by mid-July (my goal, as that's the dates for this year's Memphis tourney). Hopefully this blog will also help me to stay motivated and get everything painted by then.



  1. the Hillbilly has been a great motivator for my painting. One year I put in 3 consecutive 14 hour days of painting. I had my entire living room and kitchen full of different stages, and by god I got that stuff done. I would encourage you to stick it out and get the whole thing painted - i think it is much more fun that way for both you and your opponent. If not though - there's always next year!

  2. that was me by the way. not sure why i posted as 'anonymous'