Friday, May 29, 2009

Stuff Done So Far

These are the models I have completely done so far. I didn't take in-progress pictures on these as I didn't plan on doing a blog back then.

I'll start with the skellies I guess. These are the first warhammer models I painted. I didn't really research much and just kind of dove right into it (though I have to thank Shawn O for some newbie tips). I also did these models individually from start to finish, which I realize now isn't the greatest way to paint a unit. You also may notice that there are only eight of them. When I first painted them I thought I was going to include a banner and musician, however now that my list has changed I'm remodelling those models with sword and shield.

Next up are my dire wolves. I had a little bit of experience before I began these guys, and also some good tips from Ben and Driver. I'll be sporting 2 units of 5 at the Hillbilly, but shown below are just one unit. They actually didn't take nearly as long as I thought they would, especially once I got a routine down. This unit was also painted 'correctly' in that I did the base coat on all the models before I began drybrushing them all, then highlighting, etc.

The last model I have completely done (I find that I jump around between units a lot when I paint, that's why this list is so short) is my corpse cart. This was a pretty big awakening to how hard these kits can be. Even though it was only plastic, it took a lot of doing to get all the pieces to fit together properly. Painting was also a little bit of a nightmare. I did the skin by doing a basecoat of bleached bone, followed by a flesh color, and a final wash of brown. It was pretty simple, but turned out well. I'm still not quite satisfied with the basing, as the back seems to be needing something (maybe a zombie coming out of the ground or something).

So that's it for stuff totally done. My wife is moving to her internship this weekend, so I won't have time until next week to take pics of my many works in progress.


  1. These are looking great - eyeballs even on the zombies! As far as what the base needs - have you thought about a third color? If we lived near each other, i would supply you with some dark green tree stuff to see if little bushes would look decent. My plan for my lizardmen - which so far have not had a drop of paint put on them - is to base the crap out of them. (I am thinking 3-4 colors of stuff per base, such as mud, rocks, grass, shrubbery, and jungle growth.) Your bases look good even if you leave them as they are.

    Are you still up for first round challenge?

  2. Blair, getting down with yo' bad self! These look great for a freshman effort. I think you might just be a natural. Everything is neatly "within the lines", small details picked out (as Driver says, pupils dotted, blood in flesh tears, bits of bone, etc.), and the drybrushing is great on the weapons, etc. Looks just like I imagine a bunch of metal torn up from under the earth would look;) The best thing about having a first army is that you can go back and make stuff look quite a bit better with very little effort once you get a little more experience under your belt. I agree w/ Driver on a little more variety on the bases, and this could be accomplished SUPER easy by highlighting the rock/sand. If I haven't already given it to you, email me, and I'll be happy to share my own super fast and easy way of making great-looking stone. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. A third color on the bases is a great idea, some small stones would also look good. I was also thinking of including some of the extra bits that came with the boxed stuff - like broken shields and armor laying on the ground.

    And hell yeah Driver, I'm still game for it. Though you will probably crush me into the ground, as I haven't won a Warhammer game yet.

  4. dude - it will be battle of the underwhelming tacticians. I suck at warhammer.

  5. Blair,

    The stuff looks really nice. I am very impressed. I think the boys are right, and basing is super important. I think this is even more crucial with an undead horde b/c the huge amount of white/metal makes the models themselves blend together.

    sidenote, you're currently a 450 victory point favorite over Driver at the BoB... I was just in Vegas and checked the sports book.